About Millennium Oil

Millennium Oil.

Company Profile

Millennium Oil Pte Ltd. maintains a key role as a leading barge operator in the Singapore Bunker market. The company’s capacity to excel in this position is due to the team of professionals that form the foundations of the business.

Founded in November 2008, Millennium Oil has gone from strength to strength, supplying in excess of 200,000 metric tonnes a month; with the use of five MPA licensed double-hull barges. With the constantly changing markets Millennium Oil has managed to stay an ever present, always looking for initiative ways to keep up with growing demand. Whilst having a strong affiliation with our leading partners Toyota Tsusho Petroleum.

An increase in the reputation of the company has led to partnerships with other prestigious companies such as Chemoil International, Brightoil Petroleum and Southernpec. The continued high level of service extending beyond the Port of Singapore to other major ports, such as Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP), Malaysia, ensures Millennium Oil can meet demand for the level of service we offer.

Millennium Oil Delivery

Millennium Oil delivery is in accordance with Code of Practice for Bunkering – SS 600 : 2014 and TR48 : 2015 (MPA) Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.

You can always depend on us to provide on-schedule delivery at competitive prices and reliable services.

Millennium Oil is always on the lookout for strategic alliances to enhance and add value to the revolving bunker business.