Millennium Oil Partners

Main Partners

Toyota Tsusho Petroleum PTE. LTD. is an affiliate company of Toyota Group. It acts as a bunker arm of Toyota Group, with physical supplies of bunker fuel in Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan. The company has a reputation founded on consistency and excellence. Their expertise is confirmed by a long-standing presence in the bunkering business which spans over thirty years. The services offered are aimed, and therefore implemented, to achieve customer satisfaction. They take pride in their company’s status in the industry and continuously strive for further advancement.

Sinopec Singapore meets the huge demand of the Singapore market, they went into upstream business for long-term strategic development for future upside potential. They have also implement Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil in China prior to 2020.

Newocean is now standing at a new starting point to explore an innovative way for growth. They are committed to becoming one of the leading players in the industry as well as a world-renowned energy enterprise. Newocean also works to bring in their own cargo to Singapore to stay competitive in the market.

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